Low Level Lies

“Honesty is the beginning of wisdom. Without honesty, no great spirituality can be accomplished.” ~ Manly P. Hall

“The universe is a war between reality programmers.” ~ Robert Anton Wilson

Let’s consider the human brain to be the ultimate computer, and life or the human experience in general to be the program that runs the computer. If it weren’t for the life/program that we live in, the brain would be nothing but a mass of molecules that eventually ceases to physically exist in the same state if left turned off for very long. Even state-of-the-art computer hardware like new Mac’s or PC’s are nothing without the software that runs through them. It’s the software, the program, the app, that gives it life.

Computer programming is both an art and a science. The most very basic physiological breakdown of the human brain is into left and right hemispheres. But there are many more sections of the brain that have been identified and labeled by science, and that is far, far beyond the scope and purpose of my understanding and of this post, so let’s just call them compartments. Without these physical compartments, thoughts, memories (experiences), emotions, signs and signals, etc wouldn’t easily be accessible for use by us as individuals.

We speak to each other in languages which can be loosely defined as spoken and written signs and symbols. Unless you’re a genius at birth, you are only able to read these signs and symbols called English because you have been taught how to read them. Computers have languages as well; programming languages. It is through them that computers are taught to perform certain tasks and functions.

The object of this post (and the ones to follow it) is not to explain linguistics, neurology, computer science, or semiotics because I am not an expert in any of those subjects. I am not a brain surgeon or a computer programmer and I don’t need to be. My intention is to show how we have been deliberately and covertly programmed through something called trauma-based mind control to perform tasks and functions that are not in our best interests. Not only are they not in our best interests, they are causing us mortal harm and may eventually lead to the enslavement and deaths of billions of people in the USA and the world.

There are several different categories of computer languages. One way to distinguish them is by the level or layer of abstraction used to generate the code that makes up a computer program. In other words, languages that are closest to the way we speak in sentences (hopefully) are high-level languages. And those that offer little or no layer of abstraction are low-level languages. Python is high-level, C++ is intermediate-level. Assembly is low-level and is the stuff that I’m referring to in the title of this post.

Assembly is CPU specific, meaning that it has to be written specifically for the type of CPU in your computer. In other words, it is specifically targeted at a certain piece of hardware. I hope you are beginning to see where this is going. What happens when the CPU receives the instructions from the program is that it generates machine code or machine language which is distributed to the different parts of the computer to perform the actions required of it.

A function in 32-bit x86 [the CPU] machine code to calculate the nth Fibonacci number:

8B542408 83FA0077 06B80000 0000C383 
FA027706 B8010000 00C353BB 01000000 
B9010000 008D0419 83FA0376 078BD98B 

If the code is written cleanly, debugged, and all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, it will execute without errors and the program will usually run without a hitch. But what happens when the CPU is fed or subjected to bad code or erroneous instructions? On a store-bought computer, this usually results in some type of glitch or anomaly that could result in a program crashing, or it could cause a complete system crash that requires a reboot. And here, the store-bought computer analogy ends, because I’m sure it’s served it’s purpose.

When it comes to the human experience, there is another name for false instructions. They are called lies. Lies are what we tell each other (and ourselves) when we want to deliberately deceive and cause temporary or permanent damage. These effects can be felt for different lengths of time and the time it takes to recover depends on the depth and breadth of the lie. I told you I was going to wear black but instead, I’m wearing white. So shoot me, I lied. I’m sure you’ll get over it.

But what if these lies are more severe, much more severe, and are spread out over days, years, decades, and even centuries? Speaking from my personal experience, I can tell you that a history of lies perpetuated throughout a lifetime can have a crippling effect on the mind, body, and soul. Thankfully though, this post (and series of posts) is not about me. It’s about the effects that Great Lies perpetuated by a small group of evil malefactors called the Illuminati, from over long periods of time, have had on the population of the United States of America and the world.

So, to get back to those compartments in the brain mentioned above, what exactly happens to when the human brain is continually fed deep, disturbing, and harmful lies? Compartmentalization. When something occurs that is so surreal, so unbelievably incomprehensible that the total of all the individual’s human experiences have no reference point or decoding process for, it gets compartmentalized using all the senses available at that time into a part of the brain that is unconsciously reserved for it so that it can be re-experienced and/or re-examined at a later date. This is a human coping mechanism used to reconcile a deathly experience in the present at the utter most basic level of survival.

There is one notable feature of a trauma-induced “memory” that comes in quite handy for those who wish to deliberately inflict pain and use it to their advantage. When placed in a state of shock, a person is highly susceptible to suggestion. There is a movie called Compliance that demonstrates exactly what I’m talking about. I’m guessing that the director has a full understanding of the CIA’s MKUltra trauma-based mind control program.

This is why most of us will never forget our complete surroundings and circumstances when we first heard about 9/11 for example. I will never forget that moment and those images on TV (their main programming tool). Not only did the three (sic) World Trade Center buildings come crashing down, most of our lives as spiritual beings crashed as well. Because being lied to (don’t believe the “official” story; 9/11 was an inside job) is like having a part of you, the good part, ripped out without any anesthetics much like animals being hacked alive on factory “farms.”

The powers that wannabe who control the mainstream media know all about this stuff. They eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is their bread and butter. They have been using not only trauma-based mind control, but lesser overtly severe events to sequester us like cows with rings through our noses to wherever it is they want. And that is no way to live. Not for me in this lifetime or any lifetime in the hereafter.







Trance Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien with Mark Phillips